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HHS Learning Portal / LMS

LMS Administrator Courses

All internal training payments are now being processed through the HHS Learning Portal/LMS. To learn more about the transition of internal training payments from NIHITS to the LMS, visit the NIHTC News page.

Former training Approvers or Superusers in NIHITS may need to obtain Local Learning Administrator privileges in the LMS to continue performing these tasks.

If your LMS tasks include:

  • Being an “Additional Approver on Order” (final approver) for internal training Orders in your organization; or,
  • Responsibility for creating internal training Orders on behalf of others;

Then please register for LMS Local Learning Administrator (NIHTC1001), or the LMS Local Learning webinar series (NIHTC1004 – NIHTC1008) to obtain the correct privileges.

Not sure whether an LMS course is right for you? View our LMS Admin Role Matrix.

Get detailed directions on how to register for these courses.

Submitting a WiTS Ticket for LMS Administrator Privileges

LMS administrator privileges are NOT AUTOMATICALLY GRANTED upon completion of training. Visit Submitting a WiTS Ticket for LMS Administrator Privileges to learn how to gain administrator privileges.

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LMS Administrator Training Options

LMS Administrator Classroom Instruction

The LMS Administrator courses below are available, via classroom instruction, to all NIH staff:

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This page was last reviewed on March 18, 2014