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About the NIH Training Center


The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) is your dedicated resource for NIH-specific training, professional development programs and customized workforce education solutions. Our mission is to advance the NIH’s research mission by supporting and developing employees across NIH’s 27 Institutes and Centers.

As partners in science, the NIH Training Center helps the NIH community meet present and future challenges by offering valuable learning experiences that empower employees to maximize performance and achieve their full potential.

View our News section to view featured courses, read the Highlights newsletter, or join the listserv so you are always up on the latest news. If you coordinate training in your office, learn more about the NIH Training Collaborative Forum. Contact us to learn more.

To learn more about our Locations and Program Managers, please click on headings below.

Our Locations, Building Access and Security

Wondering where our classes take place? The NIHTC has two locations:

Location and Address

Room Number

NIH Shuttle Service

Driving Directions and Parking

Rockledge I

6705 Rockledge Drive

4002 (RT1) – 4th Floor
4022 (RC1) – 4th Floor
4017 (RC2) – 4th Floor
5038 (RCC) – 5th Floor

NEW Rock Spring Park Shuttle from Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station to Rockledge I

Rockledge (Green Line)


Free Parking

Natcher Conference Center/Building 45

9000 Rockville Pike

NT1 and NCC
Enter through Natcher cafeteria to access classrooms

Participants traveling  from outside campus can catch one of the following shuttles:

Rockledge (Green Line)

Montrose (Yellow Line)

Executive Plaza Route (Orange Line)

Fishers Lane Route (Blue Line)


The Natcher Conference Center has its own parking garage. Drive through the tented checkpoint to have your vehicle checked/swiped and obtain a parking slip to enter Natcher parking.


NIH identification is required to enter Rockledge One. Employees of other Federal agencies are required to enter through the lobby and sign in at the security desk located in the lobby.

The main parking in the Natcher Conference center is located in a parking garage under the building and requires an NIH Parking Permit. There is an additional security checkpoint required for parking under the building. We recommend that you allow an additional 15 minutes of your travel time to ensure arrival before the start of your class.

Our Program Managers

This page was last reviewed on October 3, 2017