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Training Hours & Reporting to Work

Employees attending training sessions must adjust their schedule to conform with the hours of the training course. If the hours of training are less than the employee's daily tour of duty, after considering the number of days involved, the hours of training per day, the location at which the training is being held, and any other pertinent factors, the supervisor may: (1) require the employee to report to the regular worksite prior to and/or after training in order to make up the difference between the tour of duty and the length of the training; (2) grant up to one hour per day of excused absence for the difference between his/her tour of duty and the number of hours of training (minus any commuting time between the training and worksite); or (3) require the employee to revert to a standard tour of duty for the pay period(s) during which the training occurs.

Full NIH Policy Manual, 2300-610-4 - ALTERNATIVE WORK SCHEDULES PDF icon available, (reference #11).

This page was last reviewed on October 3, 2017