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Individual Development Plan (IDP) Consulting and Workshops

An Individual Training & Development Plan MS Word icon (IDP) is a tool to help support, plan, and track your career development and learning opportunities. With IDP services from NIHTC, you can learn how to build an IDP based on your greatest strengths, address areas for growth, and confidently discuss your IDP with your supervisor.

An experienced consultant, versed in mentoring and coaching Management Interns and Presidential Management Fellows, will work with you from a holistic perspective. Taking account of all considerations, you can develop a plan to serve as a unique contributor aligned with the NIH mission.

The relationship with the IDP consultant is confidential and impartial.

What are the benefits of IDP Consulting?

With IDP consulting, you can:

  • Develop an Individual Development Plan customized to your needs
  • Identify, clarify, and commit to goals based on your priorities and professional goals
  • Create and develop strategies for goal achievement
  • Track progress toward your goals
  • Understand, evaluate, and strengthen your technical and non-technical competencies
  • Practice confidently discussing strategies for aligning expectations with those of your supervisor
  • Make the most out of a recent promotion, job opportunity, or other developmental prospect
  • Analyze alternatives and solutions

How long is the consulting commitment and what are the fees?

An individual may receive two 50-minute individual consulting sessions in the span of approximately one month.

Individual Training & Development Plan (IDP) Consulting is $299 for the two-session package. Additional bundles of two 50-minute sessions can be purchased for $299 as well. Supervisory approval is required.

IDP Workshops for your Office

NIHTC can also bring IDP best practices on-site to your team or office. Benefits of IDP tailored training include:

  • Training creates an avenue for conversation around professional development and priorities, which can increase engagement, productivity, and performance.
  • You can provide your group with the tools and knowledge they need to understand, leverage, and strengthen their technical and leadership competencies.
  • Participants receive consistent messages, so staff hears the same thing, at the same time, by the same instructor.
  • Team members participate in training together, which facilitates collaboration and teambuilding among staff.
  • The workshop is offered at a time and place most convenient to staff.

Our standard workshop is currently 2 hours for 25 people or less. However, we can work with you to adjust the training duration and mode of participation, depending on your office’s needs.

Whom do I contact to begin?

For more information about Individual Training & Development Plan (IDP) Consulting or IDP Workshops, please contact us at 301-496-6211 or

This page was last reviewed on January 24, 2018