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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The NIH Training Center advances the NIH research mission through the development of human capital. We deliver agency-specific training, career development programs, and customized consulting solutions to enrich learning and optimize individual, group and organizational performance.

Our Vision

The NIH Training Center is the recognized leader in training technology and customized solutions for enhanced organizational performance. Through our models of excellence, the NIH community considers us to be a strong resource in support of the NIH research mission. Through the development of partnerships, we have created continuity within the training community. Through our career and leadership development programs, we are an integral component of the NIH succession plan.

Our Values

Integrity - We treat our customers and staff ethically, fairly, and honestly.

Teamwork - We celebrate and capitalize on the strengths and contributions of others.

Service - We provide premier customer service.

Creativity - New ideas stimulate discovery and foster innovation, leading to more effective learning.

Learning - We cultivate lifelong learning.

Excellence - We embody the highest level of excellence.

Accountability - We take responsibility for our actions and empower others to do so as well.

Respect - Our learning environment embraces and fosters diversity among people and ideas.

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This page was last reviewed on October 3, 2017