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How to Pay for Training

The NIHITS legacy system has been retired from IC use as of September 7, 2012. Below is key information pertaining to this transition.

NIH Training Center Courses

Course registration and approvals for NIH Training Center classes now take place through the LMS (HHS Learning Portal) instead of NIHITS. The LMS interfaces with the NBS to obligate funds according to the CAN number manually entered during registration and approval.

After the Manager's approval of the LMS registration, the Additional Approver on Orders (AAO) is responsible for verifying that the CAN and financial information is valid. Once confirmed, the AAO’s approval of the student’s registration triggers the financial obligation and confirms the student’s seat in the class. Important notices on the CAN in the LMS (differing from NIHITS) are as follows:

  • Prior to making the approval, the CAN field must be manually entered into the LMS. Please check that a CAN is in every registration.
  • The CAN field only accepts the 7 digit CAN. Fiscal year information is not necessary and will generate an error.
  • IC’s are financially responsible for all approved course registrations. However, the lack of a valid CAN processing can affect the student’s registration and give higher priority to other students waiting to attend the class, potentially causing a student to lose his or her seat.
  • Repeat instances of approving training orders with an incorrect CAN entry or omission by an AAO will result in revocation of his or her LMS approval privileges.

For information on how to designate or change a CAN on a pending order, or perform related functions in the LMS, please review TS74-A  Add/Review a CAN on an Order--AAO PDF icon.

Entering the CAN Properly

More tip sheets on managing and approving training orders are located in the Managing Training Nominations section of the LMS tip sheets page.

This video shows the proper placement of a CAN number within an order.

For LMS technical problems and system access, please contact the HRSS Help Desk at

All Other Training Courses (Internal or External to NIH)

For FY13 and beyond, the following options are available for training procurement:

  • iProcurement Training Module - Since October 15, 2012, a new module in NBS’s iProcurement system has been available for the purchase of external training. The NBS is the service provider for this system.
    • Existing iProcurement users will not automatically gain access to this module. Users, existing and new, will be required to complete online training through the LMS (HHS Learning Portal) before gaining access. A paper or PDF SF 182 form PDF icon must be used as the approval documentation for training enrollments purchased with iProcurement. Additional information and tip sheets will be shared as they are made available.
    • If you have more than one individual attending the same training, you may create a single SF-182 and then attach the SF-182 Supplement for Group Training Nominations Excel document.
    • For technical assistance or access requests regarding iProcurement, please contact the NIH Service Desk, which will route requests directly to the NBS Helpdesk.
  • NIH Purchase Card – Individuals who have a Purchase Card may continue to purchase training using this method. Please refer to the NIH Purchase Card Program for additional policy information and requirements.

All purchases that enroll a student into training made with iProcurement or a Purchase Card are required to be entered into the student’s transcript in the LMS (HHS Learning Portal) after attendance has been verified.

Each IC is responsible for managing their business process and choice of iProcurement or the NIH purchase card for training purchase needs. Please contact your IC representative on the IC LMS Primary Points of Contact for IC specific guidance on roles, use of system, system access, and training needed for authorized users.

This page was last reviewed on July 30, 2015