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NIH Senior Leadership Program

Provides GS-14/15, SES, and equivalent employees with the opportunity to assess individual leadership skills and develop effective leadership competencies to address challenges and contribute to the NIH mission. The NIH Senior Leadership Program combines case studies, interactive discussions, experiential learning, assessment data, developmental planning and a three-day intensive kickoff session.


The NIH is committed to playing an active role in advancing the skills of senior-level staff. While providing a collection of junior professional development as well as mid-level and executive leadership programs, the Senior Leadership Program is our longest running leadership program. With over 1,000 alumni, the program has offered senior leaders at NIH the opportunity to develop leadership skills for over 15 years. The Senior Leadership Program provides a core component to a deliberate continuum of leadership development for inspired NIH staff.

Program Features and Structure

  1. Nine classroom days over the course of four months featuring a three-day kick off, and three 2-day training sessions
  2. Assessment of individual leadership skills and attributes with data and multiple feedback opportunities, including one-on-one sessions with executive coaches
  3. IC team focused activities to address the organizational capacities of one’s IC
  4. Design and implementation of a personal leadership development plan
  5. No travel requirement as all sessions hosted in the local Maryland area
  6. Enhanced capacity to lead for scientific results at the NIH, including the ability to use data efficiently to drive organizational decision making
  7. Development of a systematic approach to negotiation and cross-organizational ventures at the NIH
  8. Focus on thinking analytically about challenges and strategies for leading organizational change at the NIH
  9. Enhanced capacity to analyze and operate effectively in the political systems that impact the NIH

Content and Session Schedule

Leadership competencies addressed in the NIH Senior Leadership Program correspond with the five SES Executive Core Qualifications:

  • Leading Change
  • Leading People
  • Results Driven
  • Building Coalitions/Communications
  • Business Acumen

The program also complements the NIH Leadership and Management competency model.

2016 SLP Session Schedule



Opening Session

Days 4/5

Days 6/7

Days 8/9

Session 1

January 5

February 29 – March 2

March 16 - 17

April 6 - 7

April 20 - 21

Session 2

February 22

April 25 - 27

May 11 - 12

May 25 - 26

June 7 - 8

Session 3

June 6

August 8 - 10

August 24 - 25

September 7 - 8

September 21 - 22

Session 4

August 1

October 19 – 21

November 2 - 3

November 9 – 10

November 30 -
December 1



Current Senior NIH scientific and administrative leaders including:

  • Division and Program Directors
  • Extramural Program Managers
  • Senior Administrative Staff
  • Executive Committee Members
  • SES/SBRS Staff
  • Senior Title 42 or 38 Staff
  • GS 14-15 or equivalent staff

Eligibility/Selection Process:

The Call for Nominations was sent to NIH Executive Officers on September 2, 2015.

Names should be submitted to EOs for EO approval to participate.

EO or designated IC Points of Contact will submit all approved nominees to the Training Center by the deadline listed below.

If you are interested in participating, please speak with your supervisor or your EO to express your interest in the program.

FY15 Nomination Deadline: October 5, 2015

Tuition: $7,109

Contact Information

Pamela McClinton
Senior Leadership Program Manager
NIH Training Center
Phone: 301-496-3090


FY15 SLP Information Archive.

This page was last reviewed on July 30, 2015